Denzel Curry


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Hey pipe up bitch, go by the name XXX
Members only, very rare in this bitch
Hey tell that pussy nigga Spaceghostpurrp to pull up
Bitch ass do that pussy ass shit, pussy ass nigga
Fuck wrong with you boy?

Bitch, I'm hard as fuck
And I'm about to pop yo cherry bitch
Getting niggas to fight your battles
Cause we know you scary bitch
Claim you from the hood
Boy you stayed in Ives dairy bitch
Naw this ain't no beef this that
Eazy and Jerry Heller shit
Hope you die from AIDS fuck with me
With all this whack shit
Now I'm bout to show you who's the real
God of black bitch
Blackland radio burnt to a fucking crisp
2016 you a bitch suck a nigga dick
Fuck the police but I'm fed up
ULT up in this thang get yo head bust
You know where I stay never pulled up
Try to diss me you a fucking fool bruh
Nigga I'm a Gook
Dumb as fuck I even battled you
Flow so ass, shit's embarrassed to come out of you
Nigga I'll fade you like naruto
Come for your head like I'm ultimate, Kabuto, mmm
Boy you get jump like Geronimo
Sending me shots like you part of the Alamo, mmm
Bruh, you are not making no sense, mmm
DASH beat yo ass like a bitch, mmm
Bari beat you like a bitch
So I guess you got the hits
I am immaculate bitch
Truly I'm really the activist bitch
Brought you back so I could kill you again
This is the ending before you begin
Told you don't fuck with the Ultimate
I got the key now I'm giving you hell, nigga
Definition of a fail nigga
Go ahead and paint your nails, nigga
Free Slikk and Free Nell Nigga
D E N Z E L Nigga
Everyone know you a punk nigga
Yo own family don't fuck with cha
How the fuck am I a Stan, nigga
First artist in Klan, nigga
Brought you Nell and Simmie
Didn't get a penny
I thought that you was my fam, nigga

Murk a nigga back to back
And I'll smack the tats off this pussy nigga
Motherfucka you ass and wack boy who laughing at
You better talk to your old head
You fled back to Miami
When Nast caught a charge
You a fraud swear to God
Claim you a man but you act like a broad
Everything you saying is a facade
Blackland really belongs to me
You came to my house begging trying to make a song with me
All I spit is facts
All your rhymes are fucking nursery
This is what a pussy nigga get for dissing, purposely
Shouts out to Taylissa cause I know you really love her
Why the fuck you here your daddy should of wore a rubber
You blowing up her Twitter cause you thought Mark was going fuck her
SGP and the S stand for a sucka

A sucka hoe, you a sucka hoe
You a low down pretty mother fucka hoe
You a pussy hoe, HoeGhostPurrp
Yeah, you gettin merked
Bitch, yeah, I smoke purp, hoe

Hey man, I'm a street nigga shit man
I'm not Denzel, Denzel too humble for you dawg
So, pussy nigga you can come for me
I'll come for you too, tweet that address
Send that address, pussy nigga we'll pull up
On gang

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