Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry ft. Mike Dece


Vortex Letra

Black on black, cars in my yard
Hop the fence, sound on my alarm
Talkin bout a death league something bizzare
Get a phone call, say 'We know who you are.'
My girlfriend says, 'You got shot in the arm!'
Back in the back when I hop out the car
Better not charge me with the sawed off
Make a lot of bread all I need is 1 large
Shawty, and I need caps in the shotgun, birds in the roof
Someone blew up the new bentley coupe
Wonder why [?] troops
Shes bleeding, gotta make moves
Run up the stairs to my mansion
Death [?], Charles Manson
Guns AR man, they blastin
Killer snake, gotta stay, gotta stay ashin'
[?] 7/11
Everybody trynna' get a wartek
People try to trap me in a vortex
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