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BABE es una canción de Skepta del año 2011, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Community Payback.



Sitting at home, watching TV weren't paying the bills
Played the lottery every Saturday and Wednesday hoping that I win some mills
All I had was a black phone, pool table and a few musical skills
Tryna make money in a place where everybody's looking for deals
I was a little man with a mouth full of stones watching the olders play Jenga
I only had Dubs and everybody else had Scream and Benga
Responsibility of the oldest child tryna feed each family member
So sitting at home making love to my princess weren't on my agenda
It weren't January but I told her that I'm out there tryna find some sales
I stoped showing her love so she got on the first train to London and went off the rails
Started to party all the time in the West End with idiot girls
It was only a matter of time before she had sex with somebody else
I got money in the bank now but when I came back it weren't the same
Telling me stories I don't wanna hear 'bout crazy nights and cocaine
You would've thought that she was getting money for every time she said her ex-boyfriend's name
But I guess that's the price I paid for a little piece and a big chain

Babe, I'm here again
I tell you I'm here again
Where have you been?
Babe, I'm back again
I tell you I'm back again
Where have you been?

I picked myself up now I've got 'self made' tattooed on my skin
I'm the kind of man that won't play the game if I ain't gonna win
Sometimes I feel like I threw the perfect relationship in the bin
But I'm a big man with facial hair and a beard so I take it on the chin
If I could turn back time and make it all right, God knows I would
'Cause no matter how much I do now, I feel like I'm not doing as much as I should
It's like the meaning of life for a woman is to make a bad boy turn good
That's why there's so many old school G's under the thumb and single mums in the hood
I've seen karma part 1 & 2 now I'm just waiting on the sequel
Crazy nightmares are one of my old cats trying to stab me with a needle
My dad phoned me last night and told me that 'money's the root of all evil'
I told him 'in this day and age money's the only thing that's motivating people'
It's funny how I woke up early in the morning tryna chase the queen
But slept on the perfect girl chasing a dream
I don't know why I keep lying to myself this slate will never be clean
I wanna talk to her about it but for now I just settle with a answer machine

Babe, I'm here again
I tell you I'm here again
Where have you been?
Babe, I'm back again
I tell you I'm back again
Where have you been?

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