Dare To Dream



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You can own this city
You have everything you need
All it takes is all you got
Life don't ask you if you're ready or not
You can own this city
Deep inside you hold the key
While the world is fast asleep
You can take it all if you just dare to dream

Ever since Tony Montana told me that the world is mine
I started to think positive
Left the negative behind
And while the other stars were fast asleep
I had to rise and shine
It's funny how I've got a new G Shock on my wrist
But I ain't got time to sit and talk about who slept with the most girls
And who committed the most crime
One day I had a dream like Martin
Back when I had a homemade skinframe and a side parting
They used to make jokes about me
Now look whose laughing
I'm sitting at the top of the game
Love in my heart
JME on my chain
Money on my head
So it stays on my brain
Till it turns me insane

All these words were hurting my head
But I don't wanna spend my whole life sleeping in bed
I'm tryna make my dream come to life
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Time to get down
Tie my lace up
Cause I'm about to chase the paper
I can blow a hundred fast
Like Usain Bolt like when he ran for Jamaica
Giving up is against the law
I work hard
I play more
Spreadin love with my sold out tour
Sometimes I think some other artists love the after parties more
Fell victim to the Dom P
So I'm all counting paper
Them man are just counting shit

I was the boy in the corner
Made a transition to a champion
My discovery was televised
I'm talking anthem after anthem
Against all odds
I made it look a walk in the park
Now it's a brand new day
And I'll be doin it again
It's time for the main attraction


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