Radio 1Xtra Live from New York

Skepta ft. Jme


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Verse 1 – Skepta

I want a 100% not fifty/fifty
I get money but my name ain't Fifty
Went to the Lloyd Bank, took out a Yung Buck
Brown, purple, pinky
And then I put pink stones in the pinky
Bought an R6 and a motorbike jacket to make sure I minimise any injuries
Yo, come follow me
I make money but I don't work in the mint
Brown, purple, pink
Cause the Queen looks pretty in pink, these other MC's are skint
I'm looking at black BM limousine tint
Cause I don't want nobody to see me, unless I'm on TV
Yo, you know why cause I was frivolous but now I'm a saver
I'm a hustler by nature
I can sell bread to a baker, sell a fence to my next door neighbour
I wanna buy a strap with a lazer
Cause im famous but I'm still a raver
See girls see me in the club they're like
He ain't got one bottle of champagne, (champagne)
He's got two, (got two)
I'm like babe (like babe) that's how we do (that's how we do)
No, no, no you man can't do it like me
Nope, you can't do it like me
Nope, cause I ain't Leth to the B
Nar, Jamie

(Verse 2 – JME)

Everybody wants to be 1
It's easy for me to MC
But it's not the same for everyone
And just 'cos you see me MC
Don't think that you can be one
Bruv your swag, laters, bless
Safe, bye, gwan
I won't clash none of these MC's
Before we start I've already won
This is grime, it's not rap
JME, not Raekwon
Dun know the Myspace dot com forward slash
Aaron B.B.R 1
I'm like Neo from the matrix
But in the music 'cos I am the 1
I made a tune called 'serious'
And it's about not having a 2 2
'Cos im individual
Not 'cos I'm scared like a girl in a tutu
I shoulda won the grime Nobel peace award
Like Desmond tutu
See I stayed in school got my degree
Even if I get a 2 2
I've done it, time waits for no-one
This year I was 2-2
My dad wants me to do a masters
And my mum wants me to too
They want me to do everything
I bet they want me to climb Timbuktu too
But I'm just gonna do music
Until 2 thousand and 2 2

(Verse 3 – Skepta)

I rep Boy Better Know, theres no better boys
You don't wanna see JME getting annoyed
Cause when he starts shouting Boy Better Know
It's not a laughing joke so if you wanna play a game
Boy better go get a toy, when I said Boy Better Know
Man should of knew I never said it by mistake
My t-shirts make more money than your mixtape
I tell a boy Boy Better Know it's money making season
I book a flight to New York for no reason
You wanna buy a CD, I'm selling it
Go to the radio give out the phone line number
Niggas in Brooklyn are belling it
The grime sound I'm spreading it
I know I've got a big head innit
Better mind I don't come to your show and Hot 9-7 it
We can do it London stylee and rinse it
We can Heat FM 9-6-6 it
Don't mix it
I wanna mess him up so bad, not even Jimmy could fix it
Go on then stir it and whisk it
I'll start spitting out fire like a 38 biscuit
Don't know why these man are messing with the team
When not even Rooney would risk it

(Verse 4 – JME)

If I get famous, you'll still see me
I go forward right by 3 3 3
I'm Jamie, don't watch J M E
I do what I want, I'm free free free
Wiley's my bredrin, he's got an album
Gave it to me for free free free
Put it in my PC, track 16
When it got to 3 3 3
I got my lyric book, started barsing
Rhythm set my mind free free free
I'm writing alot, unlikely to stop
Look at the clock blud, 3 3 3
Gonna write more, that's what I'm here for
Give it to you lot for free free free
I'm an angel, I cut the devil in half
I cut him down to 3 3 3

(Verse 5 – Skepta)

My names Skepta, you don't like it come out the country
Boy Better Know any violations get dealt with abruptly
The last time I drawed my machine out
Tony Blair started phoning my mumsy
I told mumsy to hang up, told them already
They can't bad badman up
Please sit down, who said stand up
Please stay there, who said come here
You think I don't know the fassyoles don't like me
But its ok cause they can't buss gun here
That's why the skeng talk goes into one ear
Then it comes out of the other one
Forget girl better blow and the other
Boy Better Know that's the label
Me, Frisco, Wiley, Sam, Max and my brother run

(Verse 6 – JME)

Make me laugh, if you want a t-shirt bruv just ask
If I see any more boy better garms
Ill put on my V for Vendetta mask then
Come to your shop and start wrapping up fast
Girl better blow ain't in my class
What, do you think I make t-shirts for these little stupid ragged hoes with no, with no
What you wearing that t-shirt for you tramp
You can get three for a score
At Wembley market you can get four
Some people in girl better blow t-shirts wanna picture
But I'm too raw
Sorry, no! Your t-shirts poor
Why you wearing girl better blow when everybody knows
You don't get saw
You'll get slapped in your boat like boom-shacka-lack
Make money from me, don't try that
Nobody except JME can spit on a beat with no hire hats
Kick, bass, snare clap
You can never do this bruv whys that
Cause your breath stinks, get tic tacs
Bredrin heres a pound go buy a pack

(Verse 7 – Skepta)

London, I'm a UK ninja
Forget a Philly blunt pass me a rizla
If you want, take a picture
I know I'm a G but forget me
Take a look at the pinky finger
Take a look at the pinky finger
Take a look at the pinky finger
Ok, ok I need more, more, more money more paper
More, more money more paper
I wanna see more dough than a baker
Run tings like Ninjaman and Cartel in Jamaica
Promoters pay me nuff paper you know me man
The only man that could ever give me a bill is a waiter
Skepta heavy, heavy like Bassa
I spit a bar, man are like danger danger
Somebody tell these babies theres no space in the manger
Anybody get rude, I'll send for the head top rearranger
Go home and do the math
Im JME multiplied by Maxwell Ranger
I'm way too serious
And if you don't wanna get taken away don't talk to the stranger
Im still real and I always have been, you can't pull the wool over
Man tried to drop food on Skepta like I was a napkin
Tried to threaten Skepta with the gatling
I was like go on then send for the gatling
I'm ready for the war like Audley Harrison
Showed him what im rolling with
And said anytime youre ready make way to the garrison

(Verse 8 – Jme)
Whats the meaning of JME?
Jack Man Everyday, blatantly
No, youre mistaken see
My birth name ain't escaping me
Whats the meaning of JME?
Jack Man Everyday, blatantly
No, youre mistaken
My names Jamie, also known as O O D
Cause if I got a G im good!
Plus bare girls know me from the hood
But I ain't happy with a G, I wanna get
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P
I remember saying that when I was 3
I used to say J, K, minna minna P
My teacher that tought me my alphabet
Now im selling him CD's
Give me half a chance and Im selling him a tee
Put on a t-shirt turn him inna G
Boy Better Know, all the girls will try sweet him up
Like cinnamon and cream
Groupie love yeah that's what I wanna see
Pull my clothes when Im spitting on a beat
Buy another t-shirt then, cause
Why do you think theyre all hollering at me?

(Verse 9 – Skepta)

Man better tell the truth and stop lying
Everybody knows when dutty Skepta touch the microphone
These MC's start dying
Mum dressed in black, everybody crying
Man diss me but I'm not replying
I'm not in an indirecting and slying
These MC's, clash me think that they're
Gonna get rich but they all die tryin'
Man better tell the truth and stop lying
Everybody knows when dutty Skepta touch the microphone
These rap rappers start dying
Everybody crying
Let me tell you why I'm not replying
Cause im not in an indirecting and slying
These MC's, clash me think that they're
Gonna get rich but they all die tryin'

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