Yes man
Shadetek, Skepta
Jah Mek the World business
Meridian straight from London to Manhattan
Yeah England to America, this how we're doing it
It's grime
Business, listen up

I don't wanna get locked up like Shyne
But god forgive me if I lose my temper
Two minute phone call to a gang member
Shots will start getting fired left right and centre
You got 28 shots in the car but the little gunman weren't Jendor
Feds wanna know who let off the shots but I swear down Sergeant I can't remember
Shadetek's got the connect to the mac, the connect's talking a thousand three
But I'm just about two bills short of a G
Couple more big PAs and hopefully that's me
Wait hold on let me see, I could do something smart with the P
Might buy seven acres of the B and then flip that and buy a brand new TT
Then I might go and sign up to the gym because I heard man are looking for me and my mates
After I'm done with pumping the weights, I'm going to buy a stab proof vest and put in the plates
I've got so many stars and stripes, I'm looking to move to the States
Every compliment my head inflates, my hat used to be a size seven, now its an eight
And when I'm wearing a glove, Boy Better Know I've got the gun in my boxers
I don't wanna send an MC to the doctors, I wanna win a MOBO then go for the Oscars
There's only one Shadetek so I gotta lick down any imposters
Lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters, can't take Shadetek for Pocahontas
Right now you're on the floor, I don't know what makes you think you're raw
I don't know what you've got your hands in your trousers for
You ain't got a gun, I saw you get searched at the door
You can't pull the wool over Skepta, the light didn't flash on the metal detector
You see couple girls so you're putting on a show, but they're on to me even though
I've got rubber lips and a gigantic nose, dry elbows, skinny and bony
When I was young girls didn't wanna know me, but now they put twenty pound credit on their phone just to phone me
Talking sexy and slowly, then I remember what Mike Jones told me, back then hoes didn't want me
Now I'm hot hoes all on me, now I'm hot it's a different story
Man that I don't even know want to bore me, but really all the pricks just bore me
He wasn't on a screw-face thing when he saw me, smiling actually
He didn't wanna clash me, he knows it gets ugly
If I strap an 8 bar for your crew, I will get sing-alongs all day from the country
I rep Roll Deep but I don't rep E3
Don't hate me 'cause you see me on TV
Talk about what you gonna do when you see me, and when you see me you say safe, wagwan, easy
That's how I know you ain't greasy
I lick a shot and disappear like a genie
Everybody in the country knows me 'cause I'm a sole survivor like Young Jeezy
Every two weeks my hair gets knotty
Might see me in a barbers in Totty
It's Skepta the African hottie
You don't wanna see me switch and turn back into Scotty
With the scores and the shotty
Bullets start singing just like Pavarotti
I love Ja but I ain't Irv Gotti
I love Ja but I ain't Irv Gotti
You don't wanna see me on the scene
Last thing you hear is a bang and a scream
Bare mash man want me on their team
Cos they know from the bust I shot, heads are coming off clean
I put the bullet in your bean, bullet in your cainrow, bullet in your lean
Then I put on the safety and switch off the beam
Wipe your blood off my technomarine, what d'you mean

Go on then
Shut ya mouth
Shadetek, Skepta
Straight from London to Manhattan

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