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Shape Shifting



Boy Better Know
Joseph Adenuga
I wouldn't say I had a rough, rough, rough life yeah
But I've had some bad times
My sons in this music ting
They always going through pure madness
But you know I'm happy to be Jamie and Junior's dad
I could have been one of these waste MCs dads
Don't make me no money

My name's Joseph A-D-E-N-U-G-A
I love grime but I don't usually spray
I've got four kids and all of their names begin with a J
You know them, wait, what else can I say?
Flow tunes, you know I rep Boy Better Know all day
You will see me in a green Mercedes A-Class, blazing a zoot, smiling away
But from time to time, I look up to Allah and pray
That DJ Maximum, Wiley, Jamie and Junior will be okay
You can never die before my hair turns grey
Boy better know the roads ain't nice
So many gunshots, too many knives
But I heard a couple man dissing my wife so God please forgive me if I take an MCs life

These MCs are saying a lot
Violating, talking about people's mums
But you know what, I knew Jme and Junior was going to get into this music thing, I'm a big DJ
Come to my house, there's records everywhere
I'm on Radio 1, yeah!

Yeah, my name's Tim West-W-double O-D
I'm a big dawg, these other DJs started in 2-double O-3
I'm on Radio 1, not Rinse 1-double O-3
Kiss my F-double O-T anybody tries to shut down my shop
Hating Westwood, cause I've got a new Jay Z drops, 50 Cent drops
Busta Rhymes drops, so many drops, I dunno what tune to drop
Drop a Boy Better Know song, then drop a bomb, bang your doors
Real goons in the HMV locked on
Haters wanna shoot me and lick me down
They know Westwood's big in the scene, my Hummer's tinted out
So if you wanna see me you better look through my front windscreen

So many haters
You get me, everyone's dissing Westwood
But as soon as their album or mixtape's gonna drop they wanna phone me and come on my show
They didn't phone me before I made 'Pow!'
As soon as I made 'Pow!' all these MCs are ringing my phone

Yo, my names D-E-X-P-L-I-C-I-T
Soundboys wanna be grimy like me
Rip off my tune but they never wanna say
But it's okay, trust me I never wanna say anything about you, it's all gravy
I know you say Memphis Bleek and Jay Z
Spitting on my tune it's a good look
Now the promoters know they should have booked Dexplicit
You can't say I'm not the best in it
That's like saying how my granny's not a good cook
I know Lethal B came with a good hook
But it wouldn't be as big if it wasn't for the kick drum, face it, I made a big one
I've got nuff more beats, you can listen to my CD and pick one
If I don't like what you're saying I'll delete your phone call on a quick one - DEX

You get me? Don't phone my phone
On some 8 bar relay tune
Done that, that's old news
Some new stuff now
Greatest Hits, the real shit, 2000 and everything, yeah
Skepta, Boy Better Know, shuuut
Yeah, Boy Better Know, go on!

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