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Check, check, check
1, 2
Skepta, big up the Locked In crew

So what, you think you're the best?
You against me, that's a disrespect
Said you're the top boy
Still I ain't heard a better mixtape than Blacklisted yet
No playlist, no label hoe
Just a couple real niggas and an iPhone
Now everybody wanna talk business
And I'm like, 'Thank you, but computer says no'
This ain't back in the day
Won't catch me at no champagne spray
Last night, man I got paid in cash
Gave half to my mama, said, 'Put that away'
Grabbed two packs and it's back to the ends
Meridian Walk, North London again
Boy Better Know we gettin' money online
That's why your wifey stays in my DMs

Go on then
(Ayo Skep big up to 412)
Big up to 412
Big up the Tottenham crew

You know the steez
Don't believe what you're seein' on the TV channels please
I won a MOBO last year
Still they ain't send me an award to put on the mantelpiece
But no doubt
The girls still wanna come to the house and get frisky
Cause I'm the only real nigga in Dixy
Flexin' in the GQ top 50
Let me tell you why my team's certy
I slept in my friend's bedroom in New Jersey
Woke up early, tryin' to catch the worm in the Big Apple
Only had enough cash for a pink Snapple if I got thirsty
No Wi-Fi, was a v. long journey
Walkin' 17 blocks in the rain, yo prayin' that somebody heard me
Now I'm on the 19th floor
I grab a towel and I put it by the door
Shouldn't be smokin' in here by law
But right now, fam I ain't hearin' that
Open the window, puff, puff, pass
Bill a spliff, man are sharin' that
And I'm tryna kill any MC that I clash
That's why I stay wearin' black
Fuck a rematch, you know who won
Shout to my brothers in 0121
See the black and white poster with 2Pac and Biggie on?
Yeah we startin' a new one
And I won't stop 'til my whole crew's on
If you don't wanna ride out then cruise on
Think I'm not serious
Cause I never came in here with my shirt or my shoes on
But if I want it it's mine
Mum knows when I put my life on the line
Trust me, it's all a matter of time
Before you see the top boy shine
Yeah, and if you want it, it's yours
Dad told me to put the bad vibes on pause
And trust me, that's the key for the door
To become a top boy likkle more

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