Aint No Way Around It Remix



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Big Boi's Verse:
A killer gonna be a killer
Thats regardless
Of the fact that i'm tin man heartless
No love for ya baby less your walking through my living room braless
With your nipples pokin through your wife beater
You the *?*
She's doing daddy fat sacks soon as I meet her
Get it?
Meat her
Cut to the chase like a cheetah cuz she want that PETA
Piper (pipe her) down
Gon wife her clown
When so many niggas a wiped her down
You hope that she is gonna turn her life around
About face
A full 180
A ho into a house wife thats yo lady
And me
I never give a nothing but a dope baby
Wit the good times
And the dope dick
She loves the way I talk
And my blow slick
**ain't no way around it**
**yo-yo-yo-your bitch is in love with my dick**
But BIG don't love her at all
Let a monkey nigga pay dem bills while I scrub them jaws
Like a test for DNA
We the A, A A A

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