Karate Chop RichMix

Future ft. Birdman, French Montana y Rick Ross


You know... this just some real nigga shit
A real nigga story, ya know what I'm sayin'?

Slang a, bunch of, nar-cotics
Pull up, in the, new, 'rarri
Livin', like, John, Gotti
Choppin', bricks, like ka-rate
Drink a, bunch of, co-deine
Servin', to the, dope, fiends
Blowin', money, stay, clean
Michael, Jackson, +Billy, Jean+

Got a, Pana-mera, round a, young, nigga, neck
Got a, young, bitch, pullin', up, in a, vet
Smoke a, lot of, kush, and I, have a, lot of, sex
Had to, beat the, grind, up, ran, up my, check
Bitch, nigga, get, money, nigga, get, that
Roll a, blunt of, chronic, nigga, sell a, lot of, crack
You can, hit a, nigga, line, order, what you, want
I can, whoop a, Mase-rati, pullin', up a, donk
50, 000, on yo, watch, young, nigga, splurge
Pop a, Ace of, Spade, bottle, sip a, lot of, syrup
Keep a, young, nigga, workin', gotta, buss a, cape
I'mma, take a, phone, call, hustle, every, day

HUH! Hustle like I'm Makaveli
Dollar signs tatted on my back and belly
Dollar grind, bought a line, nigga rich
Trappa money, look at what this nigga did
Type of paper, look at what this nigga got
All this cars gon make another nigga hot
Lookin for love, but do you really want a thug?
I'm talkin white cause I really got a plug

Money proof... Rich Gang

Supermodels, poppin' bottles, livin' on them hills
Bad bitches out'chea poppin pills
Get it, how the, fuck we, live
New whip, nigga drop another fuckin' mil
Stunnin' while we servin'
New bricks, new ships, 'nother Birdman
Stayed loyal, and we kept it real
Back against the wall on that killing field

Ridin' in that ghost, hammer on my lap
Make enough money, bring Hammer back
Karate chopped that Miley Cyrus
Nigga, don't make me go and dress yo' stylist
Broke brick, dope fiends
Wrapped up, Daddy Yankee, +Gasoline+
Been doing shit you've never seen
Michael Jackson, strapped up, +Billy Jean+

Rich Gang gangstas
La familia... my nigga, Future
All day, everyday
Poppin' that GT, livin' that life
Yeah, higher than we ever been, boy
One hunnid

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