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Life Of a G



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You see, I'm not the average nigga, Scream
I'm an extravagant nigga
These my words

Hood rich, bitch
DJ Scream heavy in the streets, nigga
Scream, Scream, Scream

Caught up in these streets, I can't be safe
I'm paid, put my soul in every line or in the gave grenade
I feel rage, my lil cuz in the cage
The DA say they got a body on him and a witness
I go blank-eyed in the studio and try to fuck up my kidneys, I get ignant
That kush and that drank I had for bean get my spirit uplifted
I take off like a rocket for my niggas who back home sitting in
645 BMWs
DJ Scream, heavy in the streets

Hood Rich

[?] this good living
I'm paranoid in the streets, because I live it
I'm hungry, and I know it
Cause I done been where you was, that's why I keep that tool lit
Because if you budge, it's BOW

Ordinary life of a G
Is ordinary life for me
Middle finger to my enemies
Gotta shake them haters offa your sleeve
By any means you gotta succeed

DJ Scream

I fuck your broad, take your heart, nigga play your cards
I take the odds and I go hard when niggas them trip the charge
I'm on the phone with Wu, while he in the yard
Every time he hit the line, I pick up every time
I might just sit sack, spin a dime, ease my mind
I'm doing fine, I hit the grind and feel it like I'm blind
‘Cause all I'm seeing niggas all the biggies in your city
A product of my city, the binges, the Bentley
The GT, the Contour, no convo, it's pronto
Your head honcho, Congo gorilla niggas
I'm dressed in all black, I had to kill them niggas

Hood Rich

It's DJ Scream

Oh yeah that's right
Little Rich and the A1 movement is at it again to bring you another street classic

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