Disco 'True Story' (2011) al que pertenece la canción 'Long Time Coming'

Long Time Coming



Ey, it's been a long time coming, babe
Oh, I just called to see how you been doin' late
I didn't call to start a new relations, no
It's been a long time coming, babe

(Verse 1)
You ran across my mind, and I ain't trippin'
[?] canary yellow birds are drippin' off me
I was young when I fucked with you
You wouldn't understand the person that I grown into
I put in overtime inside this vocal booth
It's amazing how crazy in love you wit' the kid
I used to hold you by your waist and you'd look up to the kid
You was out cryin', why you ridin' on the kid
We should've won an award off the movies that we did
We both moved on, I bet you still reminiscing
I hurt you so bad, I just need for you to listen
We was friends before all of this
I wanna see you happy girl no matter who you're with
On some real shit...


(Verse 2)
Over the weekend went to Vegas, crossed my memory
I was taking out the limo thinking
How much you was there for me, I got you forever, wherever
That's just the man in me, I look at you like family
Wanna see how you been doin'
I turned you to a fucking beast
Remember how we ran the streets and fucked until we'd go to sleep
I know you ain't forgot that, I doubt that
Even though that nigga housed that, you still left yo heart back
I'mma wait for you to call back, I'mma fall back
I'm over that, yeah
Ay, let me reflect for a second
Nuttin' serious tho'
I'm happy than I ever been before
You need some help, don't hesitate to hit me up, you know
I ain't on that lil' boy shit, girl I'm just lettin' ya know


(Phone Call)
Yo what up just hittin' you up say whats good
You know what I'm saying checkin' on you makin' sure everything's straight
Thats all nothin' mo nothin' less you hear me just get back at me know what i mean
Give me a ring, Future


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