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No Sleep Intro



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Free band gang
No sleep
They plottin'...
The movie!

Live from hells kitchen its only a few chose
By the time you start getting money my money gon' be more
Check a nigga swagger you niggas shoes old
You couldn't walk and step in my shoes I'm solid as Gold
Back in the bowl, shit on you no Rip off your pockets, I'm gutter, go back in your asshole
The bigger the pot get, the drama it come with the money
The trips, the fame, the luxury whips
You talking that rich talk, I cooked up with a pitchfork
Lord forgive me for my sins these niggas need chalk
Your career already dead before you get on
Study my mixtapes, write about my fancy wardrobe
I embrace niggas, I made you a killa
Dope boy superior, Bloody green interior
As the plot thickens you niggas get more serious
Where your comfort come from
Your mom your dad your homies
They lied to ya you barely survivin'
Championship too you ain't coming back alive
The day I stop using Autotune thats when its gone die
Until then I create melodies thats influenced by promethazine
I was chasing bricks before I chased the dream
Plotting on a scheme
I smell the fake I smell the phony I smell the thieves
You can't get rid of me
I'm a problem to be reckoned with, I'm wrecking shit

(on the phone)
Yo whats going on whats going on
Where you at I'm over here at the god damn studio I thought you were gonna pull up
Man I can't get no sleep I been up a month straight nigga I ain't slept I been countin' money nigga my knuckles hurt nigga
Man we got to turn up on these niggas man
They think a nigga sleep or something I'm just countin' money
They think a nigga sleep?
Right no sleep
Say no more

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