Disco 'Dirty Sprite' (2011) al que pertenece la canción 'On 2 Us'

On 2 Us



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I just bought a new watch
I think they on to us
I got four or five spots
I think they on to us

All we drive is foreign cars
I think they on to us
Every time I'm in the club I'm with a foreign brand
I swear they on to us

AP or Frank Muller I got choices
I'm in the car by myself I'm hearing voices
Lamborghini, Bentley Coupe, Bentley, Rolls Royces
Gotta the way entourage attracts the task forces
Hand the kush out the DJ booth make it rain
If they find out we in, I might lose my chain
Things might change
Gave the waitress Ben Frank for a drank
She kept the change
Is he rapping? Is he trapping? Bitch, I'm in my own lane
Driving down 75 in a foreign vehicle
On my way to my people
I close examine every vehicle
I can't say what it is right now
I can tell it something fishy going on
Esco and I smell it

Spent 5 bands on a fit and wore it for three days
I got 3 main bitches ain't no telling where I stay
Hit the studio all day to stop myself from catching plays
I know the alphabet they looking for the rappers with them K's
My life is more than a stage paranoid why you watchin
Is you watching me preform or is you watching cause you copying
Try to convict me on the ice: I'm rocking
Could it be my ears
Man tell me what it is all these damn designer gear
I'm bout to stop rocking jewelry I can't tell who people is
Just by looking in the crowd you looking blurry over here
Something bout to happen in a minute I can't tell it
Something fishy going on X-Rayed and I smell it!


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