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I hate it gotta be this way
Future Hendrix
Yeah, ah, ayy

Two cups of the muddy, my heart's in the gutter
Fuck the felony, I beat the charges
See me in the truck, it's Maserati (skrrt)
All my passion is reachin' the masses
All this cash is right under my mattress
I go smashin' all over the Atlas
I go splashin' right up with the actresses
All these bullets rapped up in some plastic
Thirty shots in the right, on that ratchet
I'm a menace, a straight up, a savage
Phillipe on Fendy, I play with the baddest
Easy money, these cars and these hoes and these lights
They be flashin', they causin' a madness
Bitch came to my crib with no panties
She tryna be down with the bandits
For these bands, I'ma take full advantage
When I whip up, I whip panoramic
Fuck the motive, just pass me a Xanny'
You just left me alone in the Bandit
Shoulda known I was causin' some damage
Al Capone, I jump right in the Phantom
Had your momma on crack 'cause I serve her
I'm just livin' my life with a bird
And I hop in a [?] and I'm closin' the curtains
As I look right in your eyes and look down in your soul
I can tell that you hurtin'
You want the [?], you won't stop, you go hard
You want kush, you want Molly, that's perfect
Ricky-Ricky-Ricky James, got evicted, made a change
Started grindin' way harder than I ever did before I got the fame
When [?] I had some designer on me
Started takin' trips all out in Arizona
Keep the lobsters, they never gon' run up on us
I [?] tonnes of that marijuana
I caught a wave, get it gone today
Bust a couple plates, throwin' up the tray
Tried expensive taste on a paper chase
Tried the Pluto way 'cause it cost a play
Thumbin' through the racks on some andale
I'm in Central [?] wrappin' Cartier
I got this beauty queen on a new routine
And a new machine with a magazine
Just some young niggas that had a dream
And I'm real, nigga, I guarantee

Ain't no mercy on no bro
Fuck your ho, nigga

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