Regular Party



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This ain't no regular party (x4)
We got some girls in here, they wanna turn all way up
We got some dudes in here, they tryna turn all way up
We got the bottles here, they 'bout to turn all way up
This ain't no regular party, this ain't no regular party

It ain't no dress code, you can wear whatever you want
I brung the best hoes, you can have whoever you want
We on that drank and you can drink whatever you like
We been just pouring it up and taking shots all night
You need to roll one and I'mma match one too
And if you like over-the-counter drugs, I like some too
We 'bout to shut it on down and it look like a zoo
You need to shut this shit down, nigga, rep wit' ya crew
She got her hair fixed and her nails done but she ain't got no rules
You would've thought this girl was a stripper from the way that she move
We 'bout to 'pon de river, pon de river' off in this club
This a environment where ain't nobody in here gettin' judged

V.I.P., V.I.P
I need to see I.D., I need to see some I.D
Are you a alcoholic? Girl, you like to smoke on the tree?
Are you a rockstar? Do you like to get gnarly?
We 'bout to turn it up and turn it up and turn up some more
It feel like they turned the heater on when we walk in the door
I come to have a good time and vibe out with the hood
It's a long line outside the club coming in here
You wanna get wasted then wanna get drunk, drunk as you can?
Let me see you rotate, let me see you pop on a handstand
You could just post up in the club if you don't like to dance
This a celebration for every street nigga with bands


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