Rich Nigga Talk



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What's good man? it's the motherfuckin freeze band game
Quadruple salute to the whole world nigga, international
All the way around the globe, A-1 O B global forever
Free band, la familia rich game, my nigga Mike Will 1989
That's that 2.5 shit, you know what I'm sayin
What's that nigga? that's like a God damn half of 3 grams
Add 5 more, get your whole 3 nigga, around this motherfucker
That's how we live nigga, from the bottom
All the way to the top

I'm talkin Lamborghini's, I'm talkin Aston Martin
I'm talkin startin the car, while you not in the car
I'm talkin foreign bitches, I'm talkin cash shit
I'm talkin penthouse, I'm talkin mad rich
Close your mouth when a rich nigga talk
Close your mouth when a rich nigga talk
Close your mouth when a rich nigga talk
Close your mouth when a rich nigga talk

I; m talkin I-10, I'm about to snatch a Benz
I'm talkin sellin diamonds, copy for Giano
I swear I'm being honest, I'm in like Italian
I flash that nigga a 400 went a bought a medallion
I got the snoop,.. they gon knock em off
He bought the Bentley coupe, ain't even wash it off
I'm ridin Masarati, and can serve it soft
I'm speakin real facts, you need to knock it off
I park the coupe machine, remix machine
I'm flexin big body now I feel like Hercules
Cashin out titles, and I got my D
Crank the car, and don't even use the keys

I'm talkin escalators, I'm talkin elevators
I'm talkin 3-story penthouse, no neighbors
I'm talkin glassrooms, I'm talkin marble floors
I'm talkin Lamborghini's, suicide doors
I'm talkin dope-boy lingo, yeah real...
I'm talkin rich nigga shit, you want it cash on out
You speakin Spanish to me, and I can't comprehand
You bring it to my door, I can't do nothing but win
Conversate with these bitches, they from another country
She speak more than 3 languages, she so Dominacano
I bought her plane ticket the same day I bought a condo
I'm playin with the white and green, yeah, future Rondo


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