Sh!t ATL Remix

Future ft. Jeezy, Pastor Troy y T.I.


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Oh, you know you ain't got all them guns
And you ain't killed nobody yet
How many times you shot that muhfucka?
Ain't nobody popped up dead

Talkin' bout ya poppin' tags, nigga, you ain't bought shit
Talkin' bout 100 bottles, nigga, you ain't pop shit
All you talk nana clips, nigga, you ain't shot shit
Spendin' money on these hoes, nigga, you ain't fuck shit
Shit, shit

Y'all ain't crunk like me, y'all ain't bout shit
AK-47 and that Ruger and some other shit
PT Cruiser, nigga, do a nigga, who the nigga?
I'm so ratchet with that plastic
Shit get drastic, leave him in the casket
Now my nigga Mike WiLL giving me a chill pill
But a nigga crunk still, plenty niggas got killed
I don't give a fuck though, still got some ammo
Dressed in camo, represent Atlanta, ho
Pastor Disaster back like the rapture
Don't let me catch ya, ho, I'm coming at ya
Bap on my shoulder, pocket full of doja
Keep my composure, fuck pulling over
Brrrrr, stick 'em, fuck the niggas with them
I'm gonna get them, promise I'mma hit them
Pastor Disaster, get off my dick
I be clean from my cup to my kicks
Foreign! How I like my bitch
Y'all, niggas, ain't, shit!

Made the Forbes and I'm straight up outta projects
Still running with them niggas with that work check
It go 'Brrrrrrrr' with the choppa
That's the only way the pussy 'posed to stop ya
Pour out a little liquor, one in every got a ghetto
Stack a 20 bill, nigga, tall as Carmelo
Winter olympic games and the categories caine
Bet ya one fuckin' thing, I'll win a gold medal
Why ya actin' like a bitch? Lil Jon, my nigga
Don't you ever doubt me, I'm like LeBron, my nigga
I ain't takin' no shorts, bitch, I hit it with the fork
Fuck a wrist game, use my whole arm, my nigga
Snowman, bitch, y'all know me
Fourth quarter pressure on 'em like Kobe
Act like my shit don't stink, pocket feel like a bank
Neck lookin' like a 40 ounce of O.E
Tell me why my album selling, they ain't murder me yet
If they do, bury me in a burgundy 'Vette
Talk behind my back, you could hate me all ya want
But them same fuck niggas ain't shot shit yet
Yeah, you see me on Gangland, as real as it get
They just rappin' about it, I was livin' that shit
Straight up

This for my niggas when they walk up out the house, they (turn it)
Fuck what ya mouth say (turn it, turn it)

Fully automatic rifle, 100 round drum on it with a scope
I done had that, nigga (Brrrrrrr, stick 'em)
I ain't playing with these niggas, just kill 'em, turn it
Nigga talk shit, I'll blast that nigga
Shoot his ass right in front his homeboys
Kill the party, drove off and then stab that nigga
Everyone vicinity hear the boy ho noise
I'm the Zone 1 king, from a whole one thing
Threw a 100 on it, shawty, I was doing my thing
You tryna get a million, I done did that
Aye, keep it pimpin', keep a ticket where I live at
Aye, listen, sucka, I got nothin' for ya but a new coffin
I'll shoot you walkin' 'fore you get through talkin', nigga!
Catch me walkin' in ya hood, trench coat swingin'
Mask on, step up on ya front porch bangin'
Them Bankhead niggas, they a muhfucka, ain't they?
I'm the realest, richest nigga that you know today famous
Catch ya flaggin' in ya hood and ya wanna be a gangsta
In ya skinny jeans in arenas entertainin'
No matter how you paint it, better see the big picture
I'll get ya, nigga, wit' ya, then hit ya nigga!


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