9000 Watts Letra y canción

French Montana ft. Coke Boys

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9000 WATTS es una canción de French Montana y Coke Boys del año 2012, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Coke Boys 3.


'9000 Watts'

Went to court for my liver, they hit me with murder
Went to court for my lungs, they hit me with life
All night getting wasted like a muthafucka
But god damn we be icy like a muthafucka
Ring, bracelet, chain, watch
9000 watts, 9000 watts
Ring, bracelet, chain, watch
9000 watts, 9000 watts

Dirty Money give me dirty looks
Spend a day with us, you can write 30 books
Bought a mansion off 30 hooks
Greenhouse, 30 bottles, 30 crooks
I made a mill, I fuc*** it up
I fuc*** her friend, I fuc*** it up
Damn right I hit that, brown bag we wit that
Money loose, we dread that, you just got it, I did that
Hopping out that Aston, top off like Cassie
Tom Ford my glasses, Coke boys we mashin
30 songs a night, Breitling cost your life
You made a ho your wife, we drinking 'tron all night

Diamonds, they can't interpret, those Rosetta Stones
I tell my who's your name is ready at your hair and bone
Dizzy Gillespie, they let them trumpets blow (pow)
Overseas accounts is where them duckets go
Shinning like a motherfuc*** call me light
She go bussin it open for free, good you pay the piper
2012 Jay Erving
Double cup, I put my purp in 67, close my curtain (ahh)
Solar system on my collarbone
Diamonds ringing off like a xylophone
Tell that bitch he fuc*** with the rollers
Blue dot, sippin, trippin, greenhouse on them sofas

I'm ridin round with that dezzy, bubbling like Pepsi
All black with them all black tips, ridin round like the prezzy
Black bag with that back, I'm ridin round with that hefty
My man coming through to shoot it and I ain't talking bout hefty
Coke Boys, leave 'em right, ice all on my lefty
I'm getting money, f*** em all, they ain't got to accept me
I been fuc*** up all night, I'm skating off Wayne Gretzky
Sour haze I'm blazing on I wave it just like a jet ski
You on or you not
Pineapple juice mixed up with the 'roc
We dem niggas shot call in the spot
Thats a Coke Boy not yeah thats right thats a Coke Boy not
Head it right back to the B.I. mamma get a Coke Boy sock

Yeah, it's shot caller this and shot caller that
When I was in that pen they ain't cut me no slack
Look at me now I'm fresh out the max
Tell em its boss service got racks on racks
Got me and new lloyd get paid a hundred a coda
And a new bad bitch get paid in ricoda
Off 2 cups of that lean, quarter pound of that loud
Mad work on the table maybe get ride for the crack
9000 watts 900 shots
Tell a young bruh to get when the wrist goes up
You know my style g's up hoes down
I'm doin it for my city I'm doin it for my town

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