Disco 'Coke Boys' (2010) al que pertenece la canción 'Crack da Top'

Crack da Top

French Montana ft. Big Cheeze


Crack da Top Letra

Hook: French Montana

Couldn't crack the top
Ashin' yall weed with a spliff of 'methazine
[?] to the ground
Numbers going down
Rollin' up the weed
You can still fuck with me
Coke wave back here
Oh them niggas on fire (niggas on fire)
Hoes in my phone nigga
See them bitches at my shows nigga

Verse 1: French Montana

Put your whole career in the toilet then flush it out
Greatness take time got this call you niggas rushin out
I need a [?] fuck a center-fold
Talking bout them sin-city sues and perfection hoes
Know my money green like a vegetable
Got your jeans looking tighter than your bitch Montana next to blow
[?] you never been a boss if you never took a loss
And they say you can't afford it if you asking what it costs
Game fucked up, [?] is the down low
I run trains on bitches like a rail road
Coke wave: a new epidemic
No limit like that nigga P, I'm who them niggas came to see

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