Canción 'If I Die' del disco 'Excuse My French' interpretada por French Montana

If I Die Letra y canción

French Montana

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IF I DIE es una canción de French Montana del año 2013, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Excuse My French.


'If I Die'

I can't sell these drugs no more
Got too many felonies
I can't trust these hoes no more
Bitches like my enemies
They wanna see me burn through the fire
Yeahaaah, Aaahhaaah

He ain't never think it be his last day
Saw him in the body bag zipped up half way
Black glove and the ski mask
Heard he had his baby on his chest made me feel bad
Shit was all good just a week ago
Now we pouring champagne at the funeral
Remember dark skin Jermaine with the ceasar
Heard he caught the body Tryna 'scape with the visa
Shoulda seen the look on his brother when he came through
Yellin' Ima catch him for the first 48 do
Men turn to bitches, scared of what the state do
Put you in a box with the numbers tryna break you

Tone was the hustler, Jermaine was the killer
He let the ni*** stack it all up then he killed em
I heard he got dropped from his main bitch
Left the ni*** laying stanking there ain't take shit
I heard the ni*** died smiling
Like he seen the ni*** face right before he shot him
Cold game, then he hit the block like it's no thang
When everybody knew about the whole thang
Shit scary and they ain't even drop a tear
Candles glowing in the air, help his mother get him buried
Heard Jermaine went and got ???????
We was young niggas hustling, tryna make it out alive