French Montana

Lay Low

French Montana ft. Prodigy of Mobb Deep


Lay Low Letra

100 rounds in the K
I got your bitch on the way
I got the album on the way
You better tell them niggas lay low

Dom Periogn P Boss
My life like a seesaw
Up downs goodness to foulness and we are
The most infamous on the planet earth because
The balance that we does
When niggas push we shove
The thick magazines and the big black things
Catch them in the spot give their eyes black rings
It's that Mobb Deep Montana Montega
Cociena that cheeba smoke rap pass the reefa
Tattoos exotic cars and girls with deep throats
Pretty lips and eyes yeah yeah we keep those
Fuck good eat good getting that good money
My life is fuckin awesome they trying to take it from me

Black tee black v black on
Power naps power moves I'm back on it
Yellow lean yellow watch yellow bent
Milla drop milli cop millitent
Pilli blocks Philly bitch from Philippines
She feel the watch feel them shots I fill a beam
In the streets you live a short stop
Either you sling crack rocks or you sell the whole top
Fold back
Mike Jack Mike Tyson Mike Jordan
I been there you been square I been gone
I shoot straight choosed weight I shoot to kill
Fitted cap 50 shoes 50 bills


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