Tee Grizzley


Tee Grizzley ft. Talibando y YNW Melly


Gas Letra

I got, 500 pounds of that gasoline
We can press 'em in some shit that look like fax machines
Drop a nigga from a distance, like he Dr. King
The type of sleep that boy getting he ain't gon' have a dream
2 watches still ain't got no time on my schedule
Make the cane stretch just like that bitch on The Incredibles
You rap niggas stay in your lane, thats what you better do
Drako shells turn a nigga matress into a sectional
So many fiends outside the spot, the shit look like Chick-Fil-A
You know you pumping when your [?] house doing brick a day
We gon switch up houses after 60k
Never slippin' in the alley pistol with the K
Fuck if I'm rich, bitch we going to the Hawthorne
In the spaceship, with my wrist going like a light saber, this star wars
And you know we doing this beef
We ain't have to have court when we shooting 4 deep

I do this for my brothers, kill or die
Hate to stand in line
Heard that nigga snitching
He won't make it there to testify
In the Bentley Truck with my nigga T I told him right before this rap shit, I was doing fine
I was spendin' 'round a thousand [?] for like 85
Heard niggas cappin in they songs, they be tellin lies
And if it wasn't for this rap shit, they wouldn't have a dime
I [?] my nigga out the bakery cause he be sellin pies
Turn the traction off on the Cadi and cut the block up (Skrt!)
Ain't no limits to this shit, I feel like shooting I think the opps, and the feds teaming up, they tryna stop us
Go up top on the nigga, spread his brains like it's some pasta
[?] bad piece, like twenty thousand
Nigga headed 'round me, hit the stash, called his bitch to come and count it
I'm just gettin' to the money, what's the problem?
Rawr, rawr with that chopstick, I got a problem

In the streets, with that choppa and I'm lurking
And my niggas, they ain't snipers but they observant
In a stolo with your bitch and she keep swerving
Bought the pistol with this hoe, she acting nervous
Short ass nigga but I'm down to toe tag you
With your tall ass choppa with an extended Magnum
Oh, damn, I fucked him with the Magnum
Thats your bitch, thats your bitch, but she's thotting
Thats your bitch, in my clique and we plotting
I got my bitch and she's more rotten
Y'all fuck boys talk shit, but don't play
Cause we like to pull up with a hunnit round case
And we like to pull up and let them bitches go
Oh, oh no, I'm trying to fuck all on her throat
Diamonds wet no Yachty, but this shit look like a boat
Fuck that, pop that bitch inside her throat
Wait, fuck that, I'm just having fun on the beat
Hold up, knocking on your door bitch its me
Hold up, OMG Melly like to creep
Whoa, damn, Grizzley came deep
Okay, yo dat nigga runnin' hunnid deep
Oh, snap, tho, yeah that nigga runnin' hunnid deep
Aw, damn, on the block, with the Bronco Yeah, I'm with the Bronco, boy, we post it in the streets, ha, ha

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