Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #057

Tee Grizzley


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They still prayin on my downfall
I know they prayin on my downfall
From the yard to the streets,imma stand tall
500 hundreds on me now, show em how to ball
30 on the Rollie just to shine on the Flex show
That ain't shit, I'mma make it back off the next show
In my sleep sweatin, brother like 'bro, what you stressed for?'
I'm breathin hard, like I had a dream I was back broke
Bay Area, LA, you know thats like my next home
Lexington, Louisville niggas treat me like I'm back home
Whole Midwest, I rep it all, thats my backbone
Comfortable, but not enough to be without that strap on
You know these niggas waitin on that
I got some family and enemies prayin on that
Had somebody steal from me, you can't play me like that
Cuz, I wanna see some blood, ain't no payin me back
Hit his baby mama, shoulda kept the bitch from near me
Got some money, but that poverty still fuck with my spirit
Couple niggas was slippin, we coulda killed em
'Let em live bro, it's gon kill em to see us winnin
I been workin hard, can't you see the ice?
I been goin' hard, can't you see the stripes?
Real nigga shit, I never thought this would be my life
I ain't even think I'd make it to 23, alright?
But that Wraith still comin this summer
And imma still let yo bitch drive it
These niggas can't give me no pointers
Cause they talk it but they don't live by it
I done missed the last 12 seasons
Came back like I ain't missed a beat
Been blowin through these hoes, I ain't miss these freaks
Pussy nigga, I ain't miss the streets, the streets was missin me
Joy Road bitch, but the money long as 6 Mile
Brick Mile, hit yo bitch
When you call, imma answer like 'come get this bitch'
Nigga you a target
Yall harmless
We heartless
Keep my mouth closed like the Capanella apartments
Made it out my city but I still be on Harper
Still be on Joy Road
I still be on Chalmers
Ain't make it off parole, I still gotta go to Laughton
He tryna squash the beef, but niggas know it ain't no talkin
Beef? Excited us, we did that for sport
Ain't thinking 'bout no hustle
We ain't got it bitch, we poor
Couldn't leave my hood, now I'm fuckin' with New York
Blew up off a song that ain't even have a chorus
When I talk, they hear the streets
They like 'Tee, give em some more'
Free my little brother, I'mma scream it till I'm hoarse
Detroit, don't panic, I'mma open up them doors
Anybody try and stop the plan bro, its war
Nigga ahh

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