Polo G

Lud Capalot

Polo G ft. Lud Foe


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Intro (Polo G): Lud Capalot bitch
Ha ha

Verse 1 (Polo G): Catch a nigga dangling hot shit start rumbling out the mac
Now they trynna' pump his chest and get them hollows out his back
They took Timtim out this shit and it been hard to just relax
Fuck Donald Trump I liked it better when my president was black
(fuck Trump)
Gotta live by the gun that's how it is in Chiraq
Ain't gotta say no names I know who it is and it's packed
Man I heard that they ain't turn up when they members got whacked
If I wasn't rapping i'll still be in the hood selling crack
Something like speed racer cause' I just take off on every track
They get out the way when I come down that lane like i'm Shaq
I'm from 1300 bitch I feel like Ricky with these racks
Bitch I got expensive habits I keep walking out of Sacs

Verse 2 (Lud Foe): With a hundred shots even I ain't come to play
And I ain't finna do no talking I ain't got shit to say
I'll put a bounty on your head and get you out the way
I put a body on my glizzy then I threw it away
You can run pussy boy you still won't get away
They got my homie in the feds on a fluky case
Put money on his phone and I talk to him everyday
This choppa slam you on your head like it's MMA
Bitch we lurking trynna catch a body every
Bitch I went from hooping, selling drywall, to selling ye
Like the NFL coast I just made a play
I get a million I get rid of that shit right away
One phone call a send them killers right away
Won't take no time to get your addy find out where you stay
I'm trynna take a pretty bitch up out her lingerie
How you want a war with me but tote a .38
Took $50,000 out the bank and then I blew it today
Lud Foe hit him in his shit we cooking noodles today
Caught a body on the (?) on got some (?) today
Sold a chicken (?) I sold some gooses today
Selling magic on the strip I feel like Lucas today
How i'm shitting on these niggas I ain't dookie today
Served a fiend could've sworn i seen Pookie today

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