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- [ ] Look
- [ ] I be fantasizing about you
- [ ] Close my eyes and watch you dance
- [ ] I know you don't trust these niggas i'm just tryna be yo man
- [ ] Girl I come from the street so that ain't hard to understand
But I want you to be mine and I mean it and I ain't playing
I know I look like a player but just please give me a chance
I ain't thinkin bout these groupies man them bitches just some fans
But I know you a real one and I need you in my hands I
And right here by my side that's where I want you to stand
If you want it then you got it girl your wish is my command
And you just take em off I'm the one that wear the pants
Yeah I'm gone lay it down and have you bragging to your friends
And naw i ain't just talking I'm gone show you what I'm saying
I was heartless till i found it in you
You make me happy and my smile is the proof
If i ain't kicking it with you I'm spending time in the stu
My homies say you changed a nigga I can't front cause it's true
I love this vibe I know you feelin it to
I knew you was gone be mine way before we ever spoke
You know bout the life I'm living and about the guns I tote
And you walk around untouched cause they know I'll do the most I can't let you get away
And that's why i hold you close And we won't never fall off but I know that's what they hope
I can't keep my hands up off you hit the lights and lock the door Tongue kiss you while I'm in it
We gone take it nice and slow Look you in yo eyes with my hands around yo throat
I be fucking her with passion feelings deep just like my stroke And one time ain't enough
You keep me coming back for more
Baby I'm hooked on yo love
You got me feenin cause you dope
Yeah imma sucker for you I ain't scared to let it show
Been that nigga fore you met me but you put me in my glow
It's like music to my ears when you laughing at my jokes
You bring out that other side that these hoes can't get to know
One day we gone have some kids and just sit back and watch em grow

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