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First Day Out. First Day In.

YNW Melly


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Young Nigga World

Fresh outta jail, Louis V shirt
Offset 4G's and them bitches got worked
Run up on lil' Melly (Huh), you gon get murked (you gon get)
I don't give a fuck, bury me in a hearse
Lui V. Chinchilla (Huh)
Who the fuck Rilla?
I ain't Kodak Black but I am all about my Skilla
Oops pardon me I meant my Skrilla
Bitch I grew up in the jungle with Killers and them Gorillas
I wanna bean, he want a perk
I ain't fucking with these Jits and I heard he from the murk
These niggas snitching, my nigga silent
We really robbers, killers and got bodies
Real drug dealers (Gang), Candy Paints Seats (?)
Alligator feet in that Forgiato
And Lil Jit was strapped up walkin' round with the Choppa
Bad Yellow Bitch and she from Opa-Locka
We were trapping out the bando tryna flip a Quarter Key
Bad Yellow Bitch Florida Water it splash (water it splash)
She don't wanna move cuz she got too much ass
I was the one with the Pistol in Class (Ooh)
I don't give a shit
You ain't 'bout that action nigga you can't hit no lick (No lick)
I don't give a damn (Damn), you don't give a fuck (give a fuck)
(Like I'm from the fucking murk)
We had to run through the forest with Jungles and Lions and Cheetahs
Giuseppe, Margiela, We started from Payless Sneakers and Adidas
Big AK-47, Knock you out your feet and kill your people
I am a blood bitch, I boss in the slime, me and you not equal
How the fuck you say a nigga robbed you, you ain't even go and get your money back (Get it back, Get it back)
I don't give a fuck, I'm a goblin smokin' on that Mother Fuckin' Funny Pipe (Funny, Funny, Funny)
She don't give a fuck about her man, she keep tryna' get on me (Tryna' get on me)
I'ma up the thang let it bang, let it thang like rich homie (Homie)
Fuck nigga shit (shit), swear to got I never been a fuck nigga jit
All you pussy niggas talking like you on it, we pull up with this Show me my opponent
Show me my opponent, who the fuck wanna be
These niggas talkin' like they on it until we pull up with three big guns
They ain't nun, we shootin' for fun
I swear to god, I'm smokin' loud, it's fucking up a Young Nigga Lung
Bitch I went to school with a Glock (For Real)
You went to school to do your Homework (Homework)
I don't give a fuck 'bout Vagina Lil' Baby, I wanna see how your dome work
Nappy headed bitch, Goddamn did your mama ever show how a comb work?
I don't give a fuck 'bout shit and I know you heard about me
We gon' shoot a movie, call it Spike Lee (Fresh outta' Jail)
With the Uhh in the Uhh Uhh Eee
Fresh outta jail with a Louis White Tee
She wanna fuck Melly, wanna be like me
Wanna talk like me, walk like me, Drip Sauce like me, Go floss like me (Woahooh)
Straight up out the G and she from Vero Beach but her ass so fat, you though she was a Georgia Peach
I'm a Street Nigga, I ain't worried 'bout a deal
Fuck Niggas stop it before I have to take your meal (meal)
We robbin' in Juggin' Car jackin' tryna' make it happen
She fuck wit' Lil' Melly, she know that boy never be lackin'
I'm up in the Pistol shootin' in public all in Traffic
Free my nigga Savage, he's a money fanatic
This my first day out, This my first day in Bitch

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