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My Love

YNW Melly


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Oh, do you love
Bae, do you love me?
I know that you know you're gonna, oh please
You did what I said
I'm like, dammit, you did what I said
My love, my love, my love, my love, my love, my love, ohh
Ohh, my love

My, my, my baby told me that she want some ice
Ohh, (Oh) ohh, ohh
Ooh, girl, you know that you rock my world (My world)
You know that these other lil' ho's (Ho's) ain't got shit on you, I know
'Cause I never-ever-ever cuff on the low (I wouldn't)
Baby, please guide me (I wouldn't)
Won't you please just be my wifey (Wife)
I don't like when you just type me (Type)
Facetime me, let me tell you my love

Ohh, my love, I love, ohh, my love
Oh, my love, hah, oh, my love, my love

My baby is drivin' me brazy (She's drivin' me brazy)
Oh, lord, cannot replace you (Cannot replace)
That pussy good I can't even lie (Can't even lie)
That pussy poppin' just like fourth of July
Ah, ah, and I wonder why (I wonder why)
I wonder why
When I look in the sky I think of everything you did for me and I
Try not to look in my side of the eye (eye)
These other bitches on my dick and I try not to lie (Lie)
But they be so damn fucking thick that I just gotta smash (I gotta)
Givenchy, 'seppe, and I even bought a Louis tag (A tag)

Wit' yo' fine ass (Bitty bitch)
Just like a wine glass (Oh bitch)
Owhoo, wow, wah, ohh
Oh, my love, my baby, oh, my love, I never meant to be mean
Oh, oh, please, ooh-wo-woah, wah, whatcha eve-
Oh, damn, yeah, ahh got too much to count, mhm, mhm, damn (Yeah)
And once you eat the peach, it's like some cold spam
And where was you when I was in my program?

Oh, my love, no-one above could ever take me from you
Oh, my love, uh, uh, there is nothing that for you I wouldn't do
Oh, my love, my darling

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