YNW Melly


YNW Melly ft. JGreen, YNW Juvy y YNW Sakchaser


(Sunny On The Beat)
Young Nigga World
Young Nigga World
Young Nigga World

All of my niggas be spazzin', we 'bout that action
We finna cause a disaster
Run up on me and im blastin', all up in traffic
Got your bitch screaming free Savage
I can not fuck on a bitch, she is too average
All of these niggas is average
I shoot up all of these niggas
I fuck the bitch, I fucked her right on the mattress
Ay, I do this shit for my youngins, I do this shit for my youngins
Run up on me and im bumpin', run up on me and im dunkin'
Just like some [?] we jumpin', Just like some [?] we jumpin'
We pull out 40's and choppas, you pussy niggas be runnin'
All of my niggas 'bout action, we do not come to assumptions
You pussy niggas want 1 on 1's, but all of my niggas be jumpin'
All of my niggas be bumpin'
Huh, huh, i dont care
What'd she say? I tell that bitch pull off her underwear

It's a Young Nigga World, It's a Young Nigga World
We do young nigga things (yeah)
Got the 40 with the beam, run up on us and you know we gon bang (boom boom)
Gon let the Ruger sing (yeah), like a church choir [?] sing
Start hittin' phones, Lil Juvy got the Mac, [?] shots hit your brain (do do do)
Lil Trelly got the 2, he a fool with it (oh god, oh god)
Free [?] my nigga, always kept the 2 with him
Lil Melly he so cool he in school with it
We just want the gas, we not tryna fight
F&N's and Glock 40's boy we take ur life
We in the streets all day, and all night
I met my brother, had that 40 with a flashlight

We 'boutta cause a disaster, my choppa prech ur ass like a [?]
Turn to a ghost now they calling him casper
Like a book we owning that chapter
He ain't got no juice, cus you lost your [?]
[?] is only feelin' matter
Moving too slow, but its time to go faster
Smoking on loud they might think that its bout to blow
Look at your diamonds, them bitches dont glow
And thats for the low, but now that you know
Just hate on my phone, cus my cologne
Speedin' real fast cus im in my own zone
You talkin' too loud so lower your tone
They want me to fall but I ain't gon' Trip
You talkin' real crazy, get shot in your lip
You wanted a lesson but here's a tip
Young Nigga World we up in this bitch
You can not hang cus I heard you a snitch
On me gang yeah thats my motherfuckin' clique
40 Yeah young Thug got me a chick she wanted to have sex but I want Ballin real hard and i dont break a switch got 3 pistols with me so this is a triple threat
And I thank god that I am so blessed

(Mhh-mhh, ay
Young Nigga World aye
Young Nigga Wave

Ay I just [?] the drum for the 40 and a laser for the nine
Niggas actin' like they bout it boy, until it's hammer time
And Juvy gon' ride for me, in his pocket is dead iron
One call, get em gone
We toe taggin' all the time
Niggas run they mouth just like [?}
I got a couple white G's And if [?}
[?] bloods on, all black, [?] case a nigga
You baby momma love me, I was tryna facetime
I put that [?} call it facetime
You got a stick, I got one too [?}
And you can look me in my eyes we ain't the same kind
We 'bout that cash you know a nigga all in
And the clip as long as a [?}
If you ain't talkin money everything irrelevant
And baby [?}
Tryna say that she love me, I'm intelligent
All these niggas inmatures, I'm a veteran
Stick came with a stock, better get it quick
Picture perfect on a nigga bet I [?] him
She love a young nigga so you know we all hit
A young nigga [?} we dont do not talkin
My young spazzin, not talkin
No talkin'
My young spazzin', they dont do no talking)

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