Canción 'April' del disco 'A Woman a Man Walked By' interpretada por PJ Harvey

April Letra

PJ Harvey

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APRIL es una canción de PJ Harvey del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco A Woman a Man Walked By.

Letra 'April'

April, how could
I not have seen
April, you coming
April how could I've
Worn inappropriate clothing?
April, all that careful stepping
Rounding of my soul
And now your rain

April, I feel you leaving
I don't know what silence means
It could mean anything

April, won't you answer me?
These days just seem to crush me
Hatching, collapsing, tumbling down
April, what if I drown?
I drown?

I dream April, April
Did I want you?
Did I want change?
April, your rain overcomes me

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