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County Bounce

Freddie Gibbs


County Bounce Letra

Woke up this morning shackled head to toe in a county jail
I ain't even do shit, I'mma call up a bitch, I'mma see if she can post my bail
I was, rollin' and smokin' that dro, drop top Cut' fo'- fiftay-fo' (454)
Shining on a motherfuckin' po, he was jealous as hell, that's why he threw a nigga in this hole
At a certain point of time, man I lost my way
But it really ain't no justification for the things I be on today
I'm just doing what I gotta do I'm out here
Coppin' and choppin that twerk, kush weed, killa codeine, and purp
Ball til ya fall, all goddamn long,but understand when you fall, you can fall face first
So that's when my uncle O sat a nigga down, set a nigga straight, and he said 'Nigga, set yo goals'
Be easy, take shit slow, but don't ever let a muhfucka, slow yo roll
Pockets stay swole and if you keep your eyes on the prize, then they gon get thicker
Some of your homies might go out like bitches, the real niggas gon' be still here with ya

Lost control of my soul in a world so cold
So fasho, never fold, they can't slow ma roll
To da homies up above I miss ya
Keep a muhfucka pourin out liquor, talkin to me while im blowin out swishas, sayin 'freddie yo im still here wit ya, rollin'
I been smokin dis O, so emotional
So fasho, never fold they can't slow ma roll
To da homies in da pen I miss ya, waitin for da day that I can come get ya, steady sendin out kites and pictures, just to let ya know I'm still here wit ya, rollin

I might not send out kites and visit like I should, bruh
Got so much on my mind, spend some time, I wish I could, bruh
I'm hustlin' and duckin' police
Got me out here strugglin' to eat
A nigga try to do what he can
To keep it right with ya fam
But yo I gotta stay up on my feet
This music shit been kinda sluggish
Gotta keep my lights on so I stay thuggin'
Swear that I would stop if the streets didn't love it
Certain days man I wanna say fuck it
But I does it, do it, did it better than most niggas do this
And from the get-go I done let 'em know that it's all cause of you
I'ma hold to my new shit
Wouldn't be no me if there wasn't no Will Scrill, CCA, Outside, MCGz
Pioneers of my city help me pave my way
So I pay my dues and I see the big picture
Let's get together we can get dope quicker
I hit the studio and burn out Swishers
To let my niggas know I'm still here with ya