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Feelin' lavish in the cabin of my coupe GT
No roof, two seat, me and my two pounds of indo from Mendocino
Ask my primo, he know, we came up from Regals and Cadillacs
Raised in the days of box phase and powder packs
Now we blowin' killa, god damn strong as Anthrax
Gasoline poured on the sack is what it smell bout
Weed so fire, it leave a trail, inhale about
Seven grams an hour, no sour, ain't got to tell you
Got five niggas with me, two hundred niggas don't care about
Ten bad bitches that love me, that I don't care about
Hit me on that throw away, talking dirty, what's that amount
How much of the cake can you finish in a week from now
I run with five Gary niggas, your whole side don't care about
Ten butter bitches that break bread in large amounts
Hit me twenty four hour fiendin', boy we can work it out
How much of the cake can you finish a week from now

Once upon a time be a story that no one knows
Just a nigga from G.I. where they jackin' move through the snow
Change yo mind about a crime and your pockets already low
Cause you're down and don't get mine
Sit back with ya, blow the smoke
Roll that dope, I smoke designer in ESGN apparel
Man bitch that get that close to make fortune ain't on my level
I don't love em, I don't keep em around
Till I hold em in my hand, then I shake em around
And let you blow, I'm rollin' dice I'm twice on the mic
Act like you know it
And the bitch says I ain't fuckin' around
Act like you know it
And it seems just like I'm livin' the life, act like you know it
Haters hate, I see the hate in your eyes, already knowin' bout
Dollaz dollaz dollaz stackin' my
Dollaz dollaz dollaz gettin' my
Dollaz dollaz dollaz all about
Dollaz dollaz dollaz

Stackin' my dollaz, choppin' my cheese
Step out on the block and break a brick of dope fee
Workin' off the chirp, I gotta stay off in these projects
Trade it for it's texture, Gary niggas gettin' it
But just might let these bitches dopin' dollas, take me under
I can die in the winter, just let me ball out for the summer
Let me ball out on these bitches, let me flash out on these niggas
In a brand new 'vette, straight Bat-mobile
Got it blacked out on these niggas
It's clear and it's vivid that I'm livin' ignorant as a muthafucka
Cuz why would I make them envy me when I should have lived, my brother?
The ills of black America slave pinned me against my brother
So when I get murdered by one of own, the reason shall be no other
Than a motherfuckin' dollar

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