Disco 'The Labels Tryin' to Kill Me: The Best of Freddie Gibbs' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Fear No Evil'

Fear No Evil

Freddie Gibbs


Fear No Evil Letra

I keep it real I don't speak no evil, preach no evil, fear no evil
Man, this one for my people
And my folks, they gotta get up and get it
That's risking catching a slug in they fitted
You gotta hit that block, and get money til the day that you go
Please understand life ain't long
Once again it's on, another day another dollar
We gon pump that diesel, clutching our Desert Eagles
We don't fear no evil

Where the hell you been? I been around the block and back again
No reruns, but I'm letting 'em know what's happening
When I wake up I'm on my hustle, getting scratch again
Hoping and praying I don't go back to slinging crack again
Don't think cause I'm rapping that I won't bust a gat again
Put one in your body, have all of your bones shattering
So tell your homies I ain't with the tounge wrestling
He gon' fuck with me and end up murdered in that 'llac he in
This ain't a game, why you niggas think I'm playing with ya?
Sit back and let me paint this lyrical picture
I done seen true friends turn into true foes
And these so-called real niggas turn into real hoes
When these niggas get exposed they don't talk, they just walk right past ya
Leaving me no choice but to blast ya
Man all I'm tryin to do is feed my people
You don't want me busting the Desert Eagle
I don't fear no evil

This a stick-up nigga, I ain't playing with your bitch ass
I'm coming for the work and the cash in your stizzash
I scoop up the goodies and then I'm gone in a flizzash
I'm outta town before the word spread like a rizzash
Hate it or love it, man, that's how shit go
I sit and think about my future while I'm puffing the dro
Hell yeah, I plan on getting riches off my flow
If it don't work, I found another way to get my dough
Cause this rap shit is like a popularity contest
It's time to give the props to the niggas that rhyme best
A lot of niggas might take this shit outta context
Haters can't understand it cause the flow so complex
I hit the weed and leave my pain in the ashtray
Fuck a 9 to 5 I'mma get mine the fast way
The ski mask way
The only way I know to get it
Oh I can hit the booth and spit it the way I know to spit it, Gangsta


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