Freddie Gibbs

Full Metal Jackit Jump Off

Freddie Gibbs


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Yo, before my grandfather died he told me: 'if you ain't gon' shit, get off the pipe'
And I ain't know what he meant right then and there but I guess he sayin': 'you gon' do som', do it one hunnid percent or don't do nothin' at all'
When I was 19 I started doin' this rap shit and I be killin' it ever since
It's time to unload on y'all niggas
Yeah, uh
I know y'all used it already, uh
But y'all didn't rip it like Freddie, uh
Yeah, Freddie gangsta
Here we go, Full Metal Jackit, here we go

Ayo, dipset, dipset, nah Freddie rips sets
Snatch jewels off your neck, leave your clique wet
Y'all flow drive but my flow's is liquid
Let this fluid run in yo' veins and get addicted
I'm a crook nigga, I smack niggas wit' scraps
And crack niggas wit' gats and jack niggas for tracks
You dudes talk shit, tryna mentally haze me
But those cheap shots never could phase me, they could never amaze me
Your bullshit never could move me
You gassed off gangsta flicks, you live in the movies
This nigga was talkin' shit until I pulled my weapon
Shot him in the park, now he's a playground legend
Ugh, that nigga Freddie Gibbs doin' boys ugly
Illest in the cheese, other rappers can't touch me
You thinkin' otherwise, go against some other guys
They don't wanna battle me, they stomach filled wit' butterflies
You can't label my music as just 'urban'
I touch a lot of people like I'm preachin' a sermon
Spittin' sick is a gift, I've been blessed by the lord
Been the illest since they snipped my umbilical cord nigga

Yo, what the fuck is up man? (preach)
Gary, Indiana, Chi-Town man (tell 'em som')
Y'all know better represent my boy Freddie Gibbs spittin' that hot shit (let's go)
Come on

Yo, I'm the deal so a lot of labels wanna recruit me
I got rank in the game nigga, you should salute me
Stand at ease when I rap, it's a breeze when I rap
You fat, you can barely fuckin' breathe when you rap
I ain't the biggest dude but my rhymes push a lot of weight
Go and do some exercise, lyrically you outta shape
But on the other hand, I'm nicely built
So on or off the mic you might get killed
I swear to God you don't want no part of me
I spit that sick shit that clog yo' arteries
I have yo' ass gaspin', holdin' yo' chest
And leave yo' body in a state of cardiac arrest woah
Rap for you is a waste of time
Ain't nobody gon' buy you like that P-Miller clothing line
Or an album from No Limit
This is no gimmick, when I spit it's so prolific
I ain't worried about these local cats
I only listen to a lil' bit of local rap
Cause these cats try to diss you behind ya back
But they really want you to rap one of they tracks ha
Nah, I listen to a couple of dudes but fuck rap man I'd rather bump rhythm and blues
Like some Isley Brothers, some Frankie Beverly and Maze, a little Stevie Wonder, or some Marvin Gaye
Ugh, you talkin' shit I ignore you chumps
No Tamin' and we ain't got no love for punks
And you know that we be makin' them hits
Finger Roll make the beat, I write the rhymes while I'm takin' a shit
Then I, hit the booth and I'm ready to spit
Freddie the shit, all the bitches on my dick
Cause I shine and they see me glow
Bitches wanna give me ass cause the see me on the T.V. show
Man just wait until my album drop
I'ma have this whole city on lock, cause my album's hot
And i know that y'all been waitin' a while
So I'mma hit you with this Full Metal Jackit like Private Pyle, ugh

Yo, what the fuck is up
If you don't know what the fuck is up then back the fuck up
Full Metal Jackit blastin' at y'all niggas for the 2004
Freddie Gibbs, Finger Roll lacin' this shit, holdin' it down
Puttin' ya voices on his that hot shit
Shit's hot man, but y'all go ahead and chillout man
I'mma go take a shit, holla at ya boy man
Freddie Gibbs, 2-double-O-4 ya lil bitch
Ugh, muthafucka

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