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How I Feel

Freddie Gibbs ft. D-Edge


How I Feel Letra

I'm just rolling, smoking
Going through the motions
Blowed as I roll the kill
I got the roof wide open
Backwood toking
Doing what the fuck I feel
That's how I feel, feel, feel, feel, you know the deal
That's how I feel, feel, feel
I'm just doing what the fuck I feel

I'm trying to hold something
I'm trying to roll something
Let me get up on the zip-zip zone
Of that issue, tryna get-get gone
Trying to get-get blown
Fly high like G4 gettin flown
Cause I ain't sly about me and
My family getting stoned
? jog, the windows smokey, man
We spinning chrome
Nouveau and Patron on my breath
Through the streets we roam
Getting my grown-man on, VIP getting dome
Atlantis strip club, hundred long
And showty's thong
On my coupe, shit
Rolling another ?
Nothing but purple pinapple Urkel that kush shit
That presidential Obama - no, not that Bush shit
Do it for real, cause nigga, that's how the real does
For real cuz, they rolling like I'm on pills cuz....

A visual woodsman, turned it into a skill cuz..
City is still where we be blowing that kill cuz
Sit back relax blow back, that's how I feel cuz...

Verse 2: (Freddie Gibbs)
Sometimes I wake up break up shake up roll a ? up blazin straight kill
Some days I sip yac and bless the cap before I break the seal
Sit back with my sack relax and watch two bitches take a pill
Pussy the purple kushy, bitch we push them whatever pays the bills
Some days I don't feel like answering your call, don't sweat no broads, it ain't bout cash I won't hit back at all
Sometimes I feel like your bitch feeling me too much, feel like she wanna feel up on these nuts
Give a little bit of dick up in them guts, I might have the ho pitchin off that dust
Feel like I'm going through the, going through the motions
Everyday the same routine, but I'm never ever not gon' feel like smoking
Never gon' let you play me and just fade away
Fuck a pistol bring your K to play, I feel I feel I hurt these niggas feelings in a major way
So if you feelin like I'm feelin start that car remove the ceiling
Whether you stock rim dippin or chrome wheel whippin
If you feelin like I feel you feelin so real
Man I'm just doin what the fuck I feel, just what the fuck I feel


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