Freddie Gibbs

Live By The Game

Freddie Gibbs


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Came up on this ghetto street, no choice but to carry heat
Ain't nothing staring me, apparently, till they bury me
I'm serving, working, Chevy hugging this curb and
Got to watch out for them jackers cause you know they stay lurking
And they itching to plot a scheme, but I won't let them stop my dream
Can't leave my crib without my tool stuffed in my jeans
They keep banging, slanging, on them corners we hanging
Get twisted in the wrong situation and leave you stanking
I was built for this, but I must admit it's just too hot
My focus in this rap shit just to get me off this block
And mama, she broke her neck to make sure I didn't want for nothing
But I was so self-destructive, I had to wish off the hustling
I'm thugging, rolling the dice with my life on a nightly basis
See if I crap out, I'll probably be trapped out, I should be patient
And paper ain't never promised, so product I push that
I just pray my baby brother don't follow my footsteps

I'm in the game, I live the game
Think about the pain, it's a shame that I can't shake the game
Everybody and they mama asking why
But I'm in the game, live by the game and in the game Imma die

This life I'm living like a magnet for drama
All night I fight with all my might to get that almighty dollar
I be hustling, struggling, out here thirsty and thugging
Got to watch the way I move, I got enemies by the dozen
It's cold but I wish it wasn't, the chopper's constantly busting
These niggas that barely know me will smoke me all over nothing
They hating, waiting to put me under the pavement
Ask god to walk with me through the dark cause my heart was aching
Don't ever say [?] I swear my conscience was gone
Ain't no excuse for my actions, I know I was doing wrong
Lord I just pray you forgive me, I got blood on my hands
Tryna find a way to wipe them clean but I don't understand
How I maneuver through this game, no fear, risking it all
When it's check out time, you best be prepared when you get the call
Now everybody and they mama asking why
But I'm in the game, live by the game and in the game Imma die

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