Freddie Gibbs

Live From Gary, Indiana

Freddie Gibbs


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It's Gangsta Gibbs nigga

Yo, yo
Yo i'm a gangsta nigga
But I only been a rapper for a minute
But don't get it twisted, I hit the booth and handle my business
Pay attention nigga deeper then these lyrics that I'm spitting
Its a vision of my very existence in every sentence
And every flow that i've written hit the hood and you might hear it quoted
My style is grimey I can never sugar coat it
I'm from Gary Indiana homie so I keep dem hammers on me
Quick to clap a 40, splatter his brain like macaroni
You might not know me but i'mma show you how I live
And ain't another nigga did what I did
Cause i'm responsible for kickin' down the door now Indiana's in the buildin'
The game is mine i'mma stack that paper to the ceilin'
I got the skill to come up on a couple hundred million
I put that on the head of my unborn children
I came up on a deal now i'm ballin' bitch
Live from Gary i'mma bout to kill 'em all wit dis
And i'mma rep til my heart stop tickin' like Hank Cavanaugh
The illest rapper out of the mid west since Marshall Mathers
But i'm not the next Pac, i'm not the next Big
Not the next Jay-Z, i'm the first Freddie Gibbs
And i'm lovin' it
I'm often imitated never duplicated, highly underated
Still I made it now you niggas hate it
I smile when I see the mugs on you niggas faces
They run their trap I get that gat and put 'em in their places
Critics compare me to these rappers in my age bracket
Don't put my in the category with them faggots
I'm the 'end a nigga career in one line rapper'
You just a punchline rapper, snitch to one time rapper
Say you a hustler but you never had the grind rapper
Drinkin' what he holdin' his pockets swollen but mine fatter
He had a trust fund, I was told to trust none
Run up on niggas when they least expect it and bust guns
I sold a lil dope, made a couple ends
I must admit I never been a drug king pin
I ain't gon' lie I worked some bullshit 9 to 5s
Went to the army and got the boot cause I was low on pine
My nigga Steiny gave me a deal on my first 9
I got the bustin' it was nothin' but crime on my mind
I'm pretty sure my parents had bigger plans for me
College tuition? they ain't have that hundred grand for me
I played sports to try to further my education
But some situations lead to me catchin' a couple cases and Catchin' a couple niggas slippin', chillin' wid their bitch in the whip
You see this chopper nigga? Give me ya shit
The Steel City stick up kid, the jack move expert
Gorilla for the scrilla, leaving niggas with wet shirts
But now I found a better way to get my scratch
Motherfuckers laughed at me when I told 'em I rap
This is dedicated to those that didn't think I could spit
To the teachers that told me I wouldn't amount to shit
To the bitches that tried to play me
The niggas that tried to spray me
The haters that tried to diss me, them bitches could never fade me
Family members that disowned me, now they wanna up and call
From the bottom of my heart, motherfuck all y'all
Cause I was born by myself and i'mma die by myself
I just pray the lord bless me with health and wealth
So my daddy don't have to work
My family don't have to struggle
My mumma don't have to worry her baby don't have to hustle
Now her babies doin' good, it's a brand new day
You don't believe in what I say then come around my way, nigga

Yeah, it's Gangsta Gibbs nigga
I do it, i does it
Fuck it

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