Full Metal Jackit Vol. 2 - Never Can Say Goodbye

Never Can Say Goodbye

Freddie Gibbs


Never Can Say Goodbye Letra

Ugh, yeah, yeah, ugh
I guess I never could say goodbye
This is my love song
Respect it

Yo, I started off as a young dude wit' dreams of playin' football
Then I went to college where I learned how to cook raw
My pockets was feelin' empty, I was feelin' worried
I gotta hustle these dime out of my dormitory
I bagged up in my grandma crib
Served on the same block where my grandma live
Same place I used to play as a kid
Same hood where the girls around the corner let me get in them ribs
Same block where my uncles used to keep up drama
Same spot where my daddy fell in love with my mama
I fell in love with the game
Cause you can take me out the hood, but you can't take the hood out my veins
The ghetto's in my blood, you cut me I bleed this
I'mma eat, sleep, and breathe this, believe this
I'mma fight for the crib 'til my knuckles is purple
Steel city, I would never desert you
On the record yeah

I never could, never have, and I never will
Ugh, ugh this for the block
Ugh this for the block
Steel city
Never could, never have, and I never will

I was a hustler man, infatuated wit' gettin' the dough
At nineteen I discovered I was sick with the flow
But I was listenin' to rap in elementary school
After bumpin' Scarface, I would listen to Cube
Then I switched it over to Eric B. and Rakim
Back then, I thought there wun't nobody harder than them
Everybody from Cool J to Kool G Rap
Used to make my head nod and my fingers snap
Hip hop took control and captivated my brain
Now I need it, I gotta have it cause it's keepin' me sane
I don't rap for the fame, or the dames, or the change
I just do it simply and plain for the love of the game
They say music soothes the savage beast, I'm livin' proof
So I'm comfortable as ever when I'm up in the booth
Although the business full of snakes and people that can hurt you
Hip hop I would never desert you
I'm addicted mane, ugh

I never could, never have, and I never will
I said I never could, never have, and I never will
Ugh, yeah for my people
This for my people

Yo, and I would like to thank my mother and my father for raisin' me right
You not to blame for the bad things I did in my life
I know that havin' two good parents is truly a gift
You the reason why I even exist, why I can rap like this
To my grannies and the rest of my fam
Just believe in me and I'mma do the best that I can
Willie Watts, Uncle Wayne, Mike Lang, and my nigga Quade
You might be gone but your memory is here to stay
B Lang, I know it hurt to lose your only brother
But while I'm here you got a brother from another mother
That's on my mama homie, that goes for all of my dogs
Man just give me a call when you got drama homie
Cause this cold world can break ya heart
When it does you can lean on me like Joe Clark
Life is hard and when it's gettin' controversial
Understand that I will never desert you
I got love for you

I never could, never have, and I never will
Ugh, I can't
For all my people mane ugh
I never could, never have, and I never will

This for the block, for hip hop
For my people, ugh, yeah
Never ever
I guess I never could say goodbye
Freddie Gibbs