Freddie Gibbs

Stay High

Freddie Gibbs


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Let me get another pull of the dro
Im'a spit it on the flow, im'a let a'h nigga know
?He the truth in the booth? n a'h let a nigga loose
You about to see a'h nigga stop, go threw the roof
But these other niggas bout to get they groove back
Do you see me ridin in'a ride with a few strapes
Im'a hit the hood, Im'a find me a'h ........ ......?
Empty the clips, so a nigga can't shoot back
In the lac, I'm riding clean, blowin' green, sippin lean
Got a couple of ho's in the backseat, headed to the telly
And im bout to get up in them jeans
I dont even gotta know these ho's, Grade A dick im'a show these ho's
Witness the right time promote these ho's
And I always put dough before these ho's
I be chillin witch yo baby momma she was on a nigga when she seen me in'a magazine
No doubt im'a talk a bitch out, till she fucken every mothafucka on my team
Hit a'h bitch with a'h couple of drinks, n something to smoke, n even get her something to eat
When im done with that ass Im'a hit the streets
Im'a pimp so I make her down her feet to the concrete
Many man want to test the kid, but I never let a mothafucka stress the kid
I stick a nigga for his watch and his necklace
And in the middle of the street he'll be resting bitch
F-R to the E double D-I-E, right?
Please so I gotta keep a weapon with me
You ain't seen me on the old school MTV
With the best of the tree
You can bet Freddie G stay

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