100 Bails Of Kush Letra y Canción

Gucci Mane

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100 BAILS OF KUSH es una canción de Gucci Mane que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Kitchen Talk.


'100 Bails Of Kush'

Icy money, man, bar season on deck, man, stick boys on deck, man
Thirty two entertainment, I do this shit for the hood, blood in blood out, my clique, my ni***
What's happenin' ni***, East Atlanta we stand out, ni*** Zone 6 affiliate, Bouldercrest originated
Get cremated, decapitated, you bitch
Burn one

A hundred bales of kush, you can't even smell me rookie
I got case to vape, I turn coke to cookie
Lookie, lookie, lookie, lookie, here comes Gucci
My bar so sound so I just overdo it
Duece is dab and painted orange on my McClaren
Green color carriage, got the favorite cutie starin'
I'm sprayin' with nobody, I'm signed with nobody
I count my own money, I make my own money
I own my own publishing, check in for a feature
I stack for my mortgage, twelve hundred for my sneakers
Reefer keep her cockin desert eagles for my people
Reefer keep her cockin desert eagles for my people
I got [?] eagles and dubs, corners and people
Them birdies your uncle didn't get
Pound cans of spinach
Flip jugs of X, liters'll let rain
Avalanche of white, a million bales of green
I said g-g-g-g-ive me a brick
Fuck a bitch, all I need is a gun and a clip
I said g-g-g-g-ive me a brick
Fuck a bitch, all I need is the motherfuckin' 6, ni***
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme a brick
I'ma take them down, break them down with my clique
Go in, them re-rock, them bring back
Serve them to the lame ass niggas for the stack
OJ, what's up, what's up, what's up, wait
Gucci, my grill, presses, cuttin'
Slick boy, you know they wouldn't leave
It's the S-O-I-C-Y-A-G, you see?
I-M-A-E-E, he so damn fly
Who is his stylist, the boy be wilin'
He playful on the mic, man the boy so childish
He make it cross over, move just like Ivan

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