Would You Love Me - Drake

Would You Love Me

Drake ft. Uness



'Would You Love Me'

(Uh,Yeah, alright, Uh well alright, yeah Well alright uh-huh, yeah 'Feel good')

It's a celebration clap, clap BRAVO !
Lobster & shrimp & a Glass of Mescado
For the girl who's a student & her friend who's a model finish the whole bottle
& we gonna do it big like this... Yeah & he was just practice he ain't in your world you could take him of your atlas. Girl your on fire, Can I be the one you match with ? i'll give you a credit card & Baby you could max this OUT ! Show me were your tats is, show me were your hands at maybe I could grasp it. They say if you get her you could understand her better, & she known to be a Cheater but that's only if you let her. Yeah & I got it together, So when they talk & try to Detour me it's like whatever. Tell 'em I appreciate the help. But I just got to know for myself

Would you love me, if I didn't sing any songs ? if I couldn't take you home ? Would you love me, if I couldn't buy you things ? shoes & diamond rings ? Would you love me if I spent my life, with the same old 9 to 5 ? Would you love me, if I couldn't give it all to you ? Would you love me if I didn't say, Baby you look fly today ? Would you love me if we can't Break away, Take you on a Holiday (yeah) ? Would you love me, if I Said things I don't mean ? would you leave or Stay ? Would you lovee me ? I say maybe. If it goes wrong would you just leave me ? Now would you lovee me ? I say maybe, if it goes wrong, would you stay or would you go ? would you love me ?

This life style is vile, The shit will damage ya, Especially when you think No ones understandin' ya. these girls prove with their over protective Managers, Got paparazzi over my shoulders clickin' their cameras. Snap, snap, snap til there running out of card space, you remind me of Tony's sister on Scareface just take it easy on love and slow your heart rate. Goodness gracious, the top is just a hard place. Yeeah but if you never even been there, it kinda make sense' why you diein' to pretend there. Spillin' all your drinks, takin' pictures in your swim-wear. Head up in the clouds, you surviing on thin air. (would you love me) I know that shit is exhaustin' girl, and your mistakes are Costin' girl, and maybe ll dont need the help but I just gotta see for myself...

[Hook 2: Uness]x2

Girl would you loveee me I say maybe, If it goes wrong would you just leve me ? now would you love mee ? I say maybe, If it goes wrong would you stay, or would you go ?...

Baby everybody love a Summer day. But can you trade the sun for just a Rainy day ? in the Darkest hour would love find its way ?

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Would You Love Me



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