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Rap Monument

Pusha T


Rap Monument Letra

They think that they know, something 'bout my life
Not in the same class, not on the same flight
Maybe the same club, just not the same lights
Both fucked the same bitch, just not the same night
You just took her phone number
I just took her home with her
Another bitch, ménage
Boomerang, Stron'jay
Lipstick on my collar, Oscar de la renta(y)
Yo hijo - pequeño, my nachos - bell grande
Stay sippin' that André
Spent 3 stacks - that's André
That Balmain, that Phillip Lim
They say I'm dressing like Kanye
I'm everything that my rhymes say:
Breadwinner, brand owner
Play Cloths, millionaire
Trendsetter, landowner
Hope your bitch don't land on him
Drink in his hand with the sand on him
You small time - you Hyundai's
You couch niggas - we stand on em
Dope money with a band on it
Half gold, we got a hand on it
D-boys still ball the same
Just gotta little bit of glam on it

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