Famous Dex


Hemi Letra

Dexter, wake the fuck up (Dexter)
You know when I say that's a beat (I said Dexter already)
It's a Ronny J on the beat, y'know what I'm sayin'?
Ha, ooh, what, what?
Oh my God, Ronny

Used to ride Uber now I'm in Bentley (skr skr)
Can't fuck with him and his pockets on empty (skr)
Geekin' on molly, you know it stay in me (uh, what)
Runnin' right into the millies (I do)
Ooh, can't fuck with her 'cause she silly (she what)
She want some money, she silly (she can't)
Look at my chain, got gold in it (bow)
Look at my rings, they got gold in it (bow)
Hold on baby, yeah
She wants the money, you crazy (you crazy)
Sippin' the Wock, I get lazy (what)
Run up on me, catch .80 (yea, ooh)
Ooh, wait, Perc 30 got me lazy (it's what?)
Huh, Perc 30 got me lazy
Pull up in Rari, I don't want Mercedes (skr skr)
Run up on him with no mask, he scared (what)
Pussy ass nigga want bread (ooh)
I might just chop off his legs (huh)
Heard you talkin' to the feds (what)
Sike, huh, copy the wave, you a lame, huh
25 for the chain (huh, ooh)
Your lil' bitch givin' me brain (huh, ooh)
Ooh, what, yeah, huh, makin' that money it rain just like the water (huh)
Ooh, huh, fuck you lil' bitch, I'll spoil her, swear I'll spoil her
Ooh, huh, uh, makin' that money rain like the water, huh (what)
Ooh, huh, yeah, fuck your lil' bitch, I swear I might spoil her (yeah, what, ha)

Yeah, Ronny J on beat, huh
Ronny J on the beat, huh
Diamonds all on my teeth, huh (ooh)
I just fucked your bitch, ooh (Ronny J on the beat, what?)
Know what I'm sayin'? (What, yeah)
I don't really think he heard me, know what I'm sayin'?
Huh, Ronny J on the beat
I fuck your lil' bitch, it took me a week
What, yeah (uh, Dexter)
What, huh
My real name is Dexter too, you can Google that shit too
Bow, bow, huh
Ronny J on the beat
I fuck your lil' bitch, only took me a week

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