Famous Dex

No Hook (Part 4)

Famous Dex


No Hook (Part 4) Letra

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
People say im disrespectful, im fucked up on a another level
Run up on me get the shovel, I swear to god i'll blast you
I'm rollin off a pill, I dont need a deal, fuck i need a deal
I'm rolling like a ferris wheel, I'm rollin like a ferris wheel
I be gettin money poppin these pills ain't funny
Sippin lean honey, All these bitches want money
Pull up baby girl it ain't no dummy, you can't get nothin
Oh, diamonds on a nigga like buster
Run up on em bring it like usher
Im ballin so hard like the Ruckers
You broke lil boy you a sucker
Ridin around New York it was me and Fetty
Money in my pocket, yeah im gettin fetti
Sippin on lean man this shit is heavy
I just pulled up in a lamb, All these bitches screamin "what"
Baby girl you a slut, I'm gettin money its must
And when you winnin, who you trust?
Diamonds on a nigga like a Boosie fade
I be gettin money boy you a lame, you lil boy stay in yo lane
I fucked yo lil bitch yeah i pootie tangy
30 on me shootin like a boomerang
I be smokin dope i dont feel no pain
I be gettin money and everythang
Im runnin to the money like im Neutron, Yah

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