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No Hook (Part 3)

Famous Dex


No Hook (Part 3) Letra

Woo! woo!
Lets get it
No Hook 3
Irv wattup bro
Flash don't shoot nobody bro
DDB shit
Lets get it

I'ma Mmonster you can see it
All these bitches wanna fuck me
If you ain't talking bout no money
Baby girl you ain't lucky
Hell yea I'm conceited
Hell yea she can beat it
Keep sending me these messages
Hell naw I can't read it (Lets get It)
Smoking dope like I hide it
Got two bitches I'ma pimp
Getting all Sonic Money
Hell yea Shawn Kemp
.40 shot make 'em limp
That choppa make his ass rip
Oh shit here come 12
Call Moe time to dip
Finesse a plug out a pint
Now everybody sipping
Popped me two beans
Hell naw man I'm trippin'
Rob dude now he missing
In the kitchen cooking chicken
Fuc*** up my whole wrist
Tryna cook me a brick
DDB that's my gang
You can't hang where I hang
Baby girl gimme brain
Like a bird you can sing
Duck duck, you the goose
Got some shooters man they loose
Catch a opp man they lacken
I swear to god they gon' shoot
All these niggas out here acting
I swear to they god man they fu
Talking like you got some money
Boy you lying through your tooth
What had gotten into you
You got some pounds I need 2
Talking like he got that weight
I put them robbers on you

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