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No Hook (Part 2)

Famous Dex


Cut me up sis
Aye some one pass me that water man
Aye pass me them woods
Hol up, hol up, hol up, hol Up

This lil bitch all on me, and she shaking that ass
And the way that she do it, she do it real fast
I know she want money, girl I am no dummy
And you smiling so much, girl what is so funny? (Hol up)
Bitch I've been smoking, bitch I've been drinking
I've been popping these pills, so much I ain't thinking
I'm moving in slo-mo, I feel like an asian
You talking to 12, I talk to Ben Franklin
I look up to the lord, I'm thanking my graces
These bitches they going, these hoes is so basic
My lil niggas thirsty, they taking yo cake
They kick in yo door, put you in your basement
And I keep my thirty, you know I'm never lacking
You run up on me, you know that its cracking
You say you a tough guy, you dont want no action
I'm balling so hard, I think on the Mavericks (Woah)
I got the xans for the low, these bitches they coming for more
You can get them two for four, they banging and beating the door
Like a cover I won't fold, leprechaun all on gold
My lil niggas strapped like Girbauds, they grimey and kicking in doors
Magazine get exposed, they put the red dot on your nose
They wack you and back on the road, yes, I want five for a show
Can't chill with these niggas they fold, D-D-B, you already know
Man I'm off drugs with the hoes (Lets get it)

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