Famous Dex

Keep My Choppa On Me

Famous Dex


Keep My Choppa On Me Letra

Yuh, know what I'm sayin?
Jason, what's up bro sayin?
(oh ah what ohhmanngoddamn)

[Verse 1]
Smokin' cookie with yo bitch, she lovin' it
Wait, pass it, gotta have it
Catch a opp in traffic, get that automatic
He was lackin', he ain't have his ratchet
Goofy ass is cappin'
Wait, huh, he was cappin' ooh-huh
But I had it, yeah-ooh
Yeah I had it, should've shot him but I didn't yeah, uh
Had the 33, it shoot like Scottie Pippin (ooh-huh)
Hit his body and you know it's not missin' (ooh-huh)
Hit his whole body, knowin' his body riddled (ooh)
Hangin' with yo gang and y'all lame [hoo]
I'll snatch your chain, pussy nigga you ain't on a thang [what]
Baby suck me up, now she think she want a ring now [what]
Baby, give me brain [she do]
Then you gotta leave [what? bye-bye]
Keep my Glock on me, I'm never lurkin' [I'm not]
Beam on it's perfect [ooh]
My diamonds be perfect [ooh] [what? yeah]
Surgery, lil bitch [ooh]
Suckin' me, lil bitch [ooh, huh] [yeah]
She fuck on me lil bitch, I'm the shit, yeah, Dexter

Keep my choppa on me
I don't really lack
Keep my choppa on me
Never lackin in the streets