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Famous Dex


Smokin’ dope with some bitches
I don’t trust ‘em but they some pretty bitches
And I know they do drugs
I called Los, tell broski bring the liquor
Shit I’m just tryna kick it
I know some down little bitches tryna kick it
And I know they do Xans
Bring some friends, hell yeah, let’s get it
I’m drunk as fuck and I’m boolin’ in
I got my 30 on me, know I got the cooler kit
I’m poppin’ pistols like damn boy, you losin’ it
Run up on ‘em, boom boom, don’t know who to diss
Boy stay in your lane
I can get your ass change
Big homie snatch his chain
Call Lil Flash, do a hit out that Range
My mama said count your blessings
I’m smoking dope, so you know I'm never stressing
I gotta do it, so I gotta teach y’all a lesson
Go to school and you never touch a weapon
Got to go by the rules
Boy never be a fool
Man you win or you lose
Where I’m from got to stay on P’s and Q’s
Look, broski pass me the Bombay
I’m taking shots and you know a nigga don’t drink
Jesus walking, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no Kanye
I ain’t rich but I know it’s coming one day
Boy you got to be patient
I know some bomb bitches taken
Smoking dope like Jamaican
I got some shooters, yeah they Haitian

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