King 810

Heavy Lies The Crown

King 810


Heavy Lies The Crown Letra

I'm back home, motherfucker
Give me my guns and my throne
Tell the music pussies to leave me the fuck alone
I go on the road, I come back
People i know have died
If i were here i could've saved them so this music's cost me lives

But the devil's in my bone marrow
This is part of the deal
I still dont know who I am and I dont know how i feel
In my head I got a couple records in me then i'm killed
Like I'm Biggie or I'm Amy or I'm Janis if you will

Where I'm from?
You know I'm from Murdertown
What we do?
Stab em up and gun em down
When they fall?
Keep shooting to make sure they're dead
Where we hit em?
In their hearts and in their heads

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