Disco 'If Life Was Easy' al que pertenece la canción 'Staring into Space'

Staring into Space

Roger Glover


I came in here for something
That's why I'm in the room
I've no idea what I'm doing here
But that's the kind of thing I do

Put something down
Then later on
Looking for it everywhere
Wondering where it's gone

My Sunday's always Monday
Guess I missed the news
I walk around with the permanent frown
My world is all confused

On my knees crawling over the floor
Looking for the missing piece, not here anymore
I don't know how it is, I carry on
Since you're gone

Nothing at all seems familiar
Everything looks out of place
I sit around like an out of work clown
Staring into space

You packed all your things and walked out on me
Not much in my future now as far as I can see
I don't know how I get from day to day
Now you've gone away
Leaving me here staring into space

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